Hanover Historical Society

Bridging the past with the future while preserving history and enhancing a sense of community.


Through the generosity of the management and owners of the Hanover branch of BankWest, we have been allowed to install a semi-permanent display of historical artifacts relevant to the city of Hanover, MN.

The case itself was used as a cigar humidor and display piece at the old Strunk Store for many years. The case was donated to the Historical Society, and now is home to a revolving display of wonderful pieces.

Our current display

The display is currently in transition, and now features a "Fall Harvest" theme for 2014.


Hanover Band Memorabilia on Display

Here's the story behind what you will find in the case today:

In 1905 and '06, the Hanover Band delighted residents with their music and free outdoor concerts in the Hanover bandshell. Under the direction of Max Saenger, some of the known original band members included Frank Klemm Jr. and Sr., Wally Saenger, Bill Schmidt, Herman Vollbrecht, Ernest Saenger, and Robert F. Bleck. Sheldon Schiebe, Frank Klemm Sr.'s great grandson, donated Frank's baritone to the Historical Society along with a band uniform. Bernie Lieder donated his father-in-law Robert Bleck's trombone. Both musical instruments, along with photos and a band uniform, are now on display. Be sure to stop in and view the display when you are in the area.

The bandshell was located on the corner of Main Street (River Road) and Mill Pond Road. After the band disbanded, the gazebo-shaped bandshell sat vacant and deteriorated. It was eventually sold to some Burschville residents in the early 1930s and relocated to that community. It has since been razed.

The Hanover Historical Society is embarking upon a Hanover area heritage drive – reaching out to descendants of early families – seeking photographs, donations and artifacts of life in and around Hanover.

If you have any historic artifacts or would like to donate to our collections, please contact Claudia Pingree at 763-498-8435.

All original photographs will be returned to the donator. A completed donator Deed of Gift form is required.

Historic Items

Thanks to Brenda Kohnen Trisko for donating her Grandma Gert Vollbrecht Kalk's trunk to the Hanover Historical Society. It features hand forged ironwork and bears the inscription of 'EV', with speculation only as to whom the initials belong to. Although Vollbrecht relatives thought the trunk possibly came over from Germany in the 1850s, others believe it is not that old. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that has found its new home, much to the delight of its new "home owners".