Hanover Historical Society

Bridging the past with the future while preserving history and enhancing a sense of community.

Volunteer Opportunities

There is much to do and much more yet to come. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help us build brick by brick. Preservation is more than protecting historical buildings; it includes education and advocacy as well. We have a responsibility to future generations to protect and promote important aspects of Hanover’s heritage and our original visionaries and founders. Already some elder residents are being interviewed for their oral stories of life in Hanover, which will be compiled into a social history book and marketed as a fundraising effort.

A fundraising committee brainstorms and proposes different activities, some of which may be piggybacked with city events/activities and/or with other local organizations.

Members are participating with the Downtown Development Group to retain and maintain historical accuracy of current landmark structures, and offer recommendations toward new downtown design criteria that will complement and harmonize with an overall historical theme/look for Hanover’s downtown area.

Hanover may not have many original structures remaining, but we do have plenty of cultural resources worthy of preservation, such as heritage farm lands, wetlands and open spaces, the Crow River, events and lives of significant persons associated with Hanover’s history, architectural craftsmanship of building interiors/exteriors, and educational/cultural artifacts and documents.

For more information related to membership and/or the Hanover Historical Society in general, please call Tim Zimmerman at 952-496-0077 or Mary Coons at 763-476-8414. If you would like to join, please send your $12 check payable to the Hanover Historical Society, P.O. Box 13, Hanover, MN 55341.

Help us protect, preserve, and advocate our community’s treasures from the past so that we can ensure future generations of Hanover’s important historical legacy. Join the Hanover Historical Society today and help build the foundation!